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Posted: 05/27/2016 08:30:19  Hits: 17
Backpacks are not the cheap goods,it is necessary to keep it in good repair during our daily use, so backpacks would last longer in this way.

Now let’s see some backpacks maintaining methods:
1)In order to retain backpacks original leather shape, please do not overload them - it is not maintainable that backpacks are being too stuffed; and do not apply too much pressure on it, too much pressure would distort the shape of backpacks.

2)Please do not expose backpacks directly under the sunshine or extremely damp conditions, this would corrode backpacks more rapidly; avoid direct contact with makeup or perfume.

3)When backpacks are in wet situation, please be attention to gently scrub them by naturally dyed, strong absorption and smooth cloth to maximum reduce damage.

4)When not being used, please place the backpacks into dust bags. If you want it to be protected better, you can cushion some cotton papers inside of the bags, and take the zipper head into the backpack, it is good to maintain the origin texture of the backpacks.

5)The metal zipper and the zipper head should be cleaned by soft fabric cloth to remain the brightness.
Doing regular maintaining in professional luggage maintain facilitating agency, lasting backpacks service life.

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