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How to Distinguish Tailoring Quality of Kid’s Bag
Posted: 06/17/2016 03:34:10  Hits: 20
Nowadays, kindergartens are tend to own their brands or something to represent their image, for instance, the unified school uniform, school badge and uniformed school bag

Therefore, a kid’s bag which has good quality concerns children physical development, thus, the kindergarten teachers and leaders think highly of school bags’ quality, specially its services life.

Before making a decision to choose a customized manufacturer, we need to know that the essential differences between bags factories is the rich experience and exquisite craft. So, when we are going to select a proper manufacturer, we can ask for a bag sample sending to us firstly, to check their bags quality according to bags craft.

So, how to distinguish tailoring quality of kid’s bag?

- Based on the appearance of school bags.
 1) It is not professional to have obvious blemish on the appearance of school bag.
 2) There should be no break place on any seam of school bags.
 3) Be attention to the decoration and its character - smooth zipper, firm bag’s construction, complete LOGO sigh, and so on. 

- Tailoring craft:
 1) Check the tailor place, it should be flat and intact, including the seam.
 2) The whole bag should be symmetrical and in a firm structure, the lining inside of bag could withstand pull and proper weight.

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