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Which kind of schoolbags is better? How to select?
Posted: 01/06/2017 05:03:55  Hits: 12
Due to the heavy study load, things in schoolbag is increasing. For heavy schoolbags would cause the big burden for children’s shoulders, reducing burden bags and trolley bags have appeared on the market. These schoolbags make a hit; because they can reduce the weight on children’s shoulders.

Trolley schoolbags free children’s shoulders and let children can drag the schoolbags. But children’s spine are still in the growth period. If children keep dragging the heavy schoolbags with one hand, the forced direction of spine would turn to one side, which is bad for children’s growth and development.

The American Physical Therapy Association suggests backpack would be best for children. The shoulder bag or messenger bag always weight on the one side of body, as time went by, it invisible skew our body shape. However, backpack can dispersed weight and reduce the possibilities of distortion of our body shape.

Reducing burden bags can distribute the wight to every part of our body instead of single part and it will protect children’s back. Wide straps increase the contact area between bag and shoulder; it would be better if the length and width of schoolbag is similar to book.

How to select children’s schoolbag?

For children, the right is the best. But the right schoolbag needs the right selection method. Here are some tips:

1. Thick materials

Usually, it is all about PVC nylon or  polyester fibre. The important thing is D, the higher D is, the thicker material is.

2. Smell 

Some bags have heavy taste. It may be smell-less after a few days. Stiff materials may cause flaw on the surface in winter.

3. The thickness of straps and the density of needlework

The connected place between the top of straps and handle need more needlework because it’s easy to be seamless.

4. Reasonable zipper pocket design

Some schoolbags have many zippers and pockets. It’s not necessarily a good thing because it take more thoughts to arrange it. Besides, it’s tempting to thieves.

5. Timing 

Don’t buy schoolbags when it’s close to schools’ opening time. At this time, all factories are so crashing that they can’t ensure the quality and colors. Although it may be cheaper, but you would have more choices about colors, styles, quality if you buy earlier.

6. Application arrangement

Choose schoolbags based on grades, ages and children’s height.

Don’t have blind faith in shop assistants; don’t buy three non-product. In short, you don’t have to buy international brand; but remember, you’ll get what you paid.

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